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Web Optimizer

Intelligent Web Optimizer that will optimize your web site pages to make them go up in the search engine results and achieve top 10 ranking position.

  • Optimize using group of multiple keywords.
  • Analyze your web site pages and meta tags, improve your web site pages using the suggestion provided
  • Step by step guidelines on how to improve your web site pages.
  • Keyword Density Analyzer - see keyword density and keyword utilization across your meta tags and body of your web pages.
  • Keyword Prominence - see the visibility and exposure of your keyword to the beginning of the page for the keywords.
  • Keyword Proximity - see the gap and distance between keywords and determine whether your page within the good range or not.
  • Export Web Site Optimizer report in HTML format.
  • See keyword distribution across the body of your web pages by highlighting them.
  • Mark web site pages as optimized once you have done optimizing them.

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