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Partner program overview

Looking for an easy way to earnadditional revenuefrom yourweb site?
reseller program offers you a great opportunity to start your OWN SEObusinessin less than15 minutes. We offer a full co-branding (private label) reseller solution that allows you to customize the look and feel of the service like your ownproductunder your own brand. This program isideal forpartners(such as web hosting services, ISP's, business consultants, marketing firms and portals) who have large numbers of customers and would like toprovide SEO solution to their customers by adding Dynamic SEO's service.

Co-Branding(Private Label)

As a private label partner, the co-branding reseller is able to offerDynamic SEO solution to their customer under its own logo and brand. You can customize the look and feel of the service under your own brand. With our private lable program, it allows you to brand our service to look like your own product.

Here is what can be customized:

  • The logo and company name

  • Web site header and footer

  • Color scheme

  • Contact email address and name

  • Sub-domain name
    (For example:

Why partner with us?

Apex Pacific is the world's leading provider of Internet Marketing and Web Promotion solutions that help organizations of all sizes increase their online marketing presence leading to stronger business results.Tens of thousands oforganizations have chosen Apex Pacific solutions to help them improve website traffic and reach new customers, morethan 4,000 SEO professionals and marketing firms have partnered with Apex Pacifictoprovide SEO service totheir clients. Building strong relationships with our customers is our top priority. Apex Pacific has become a trusted partner for thousands of businesses worldwide. Our success is your guarantee.


  • Private label and co-branding with your own logo and brand
  • Earnup to 45 % commission on all sales resulting from your website.
  • Earnmonthly recurring income
  • Automated account management and billing system
  • Easy to use and friendly control panel with your own login area to manage your clients
  • You have FULL control of your business.
  • No re-seller license required.
  • Getting start in less than 15 minutes

How it works?

After signing up, we will provide you with a dealer ID and a customized copy of the Service with your company name, logo and web site details embedded in the Service Solution, to distinguish you as an authorized dealer.

You canchoose to host the Service Solution on your own web server orwith ourdefault reseller website. The clientswill place the orderdirectly with you. You can process thepayment yourself if you have a merchantaccount or we can process it for youwith our auto-billing system.

Free Support and customer service

We will hande all technical supports and enquiries on your behalf, so you can focus on your business and getting new customers. All emails send to your clients with have your own name and brand.

  • After sales service
  • Processing of orders
  • Handling customer inquiresand technical support
  • Advice on developing more attractive web sites
  • ComprehensiveFAQ site to help you or your sales people answerquestions about Dynamic SEO.

Billing and Account Management

We offer two billing options for your convenience. You can charge your client directly if you like, or we will handle all the billingsforyour client sand pay you the commission each month. With our easy to use billing management system, you can create a sales report each month.

Commission Plan

We will pay you on every sale you generate under your account on a monthly basis. The commission rate is base on your sales volumn:

Monthly Active Clients Margin
< 50 35%
51 - 100 40%
>100 45%

Getting started...

Nothing could be easier, simply click here to fill in the registration form and you will receive the instructions on how to set up your dealer web site within 24 hours. We will also send you a web page template which you can easily upload to your web site and get started as soon as possible.


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